Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shame on WDFW

Despite fighting the good fight against Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Citizens of Forks, Washington,  native steelhead can indeed be retained this time of year on certain rivers in the Olympic Peninsula. Today many of us read this post on WDFW's Facbook page:

You can now (since Feb. 16 and through Apr. 30) catch and keep a wild steelhead on one of eight rivers on the Olympic Peninsula. The Bogachiel, Calawah, Clearwater, Dickey, Hoh, Quillayute, Quinault and Sol Duc rivers are the only rivers in Washington where wild steelhead may be retained. See rules on page 27 of fishing regs pamphlet available at

What a disgrace! Post your thoughts and let them know how you feel.


Unknown said...

While I am not an advocate of retaining wild steelhead in WA rivers if WDFW is going to allow it then it shouldn't be a surprise that they would advertise it on their website or Facebook page.

I guess I am wondering why you seem to act surprised, it has been in the regulations since they came out, we knew this was coming.

Steelie Mike said...

The surprise comes in the advertisement and with that the opportunity to express how some of us feel about it.