Friday, March 27, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dollar Store Tying Materials

If you are looking for a cultural experience and fly tying materials, then go to the dollar store. Not only will you find a whole lot of random stuff, but you also get to experience a ethnic potpourri. You might even be able to transcend some of the traditional ideas of fly tying and find some killer deals.

Bradlee Waker

Why pain dollars for foam at the local fly shop when you get ten times as much for a buck. Now I am a proponent of supporting the local fly shop, but you can save those three bucks and buy something else. Plus foam on a skater just plain works and we all know about Chernobyl Ants. Hmm, Chernobyl Ant skaters????

Clouser Minnow

I am sure someone out there has caught a steelhead on a clouser, but as we all know this is a fly much better used in the salt for numerous species. The multiple colors and partially translucent qualities of the hair makes a good synthetic for saltwater flies.

Rhyacophila Wood (Green Rock Worm)

Here is the old reliable rock worm caddis that you find in fast riffle water. This guy would be great for both trout and steelhead. Although I have no idea why you would want to nymph the Deschutes, I hear this is an effective pattern in the Fall for steelhead. You can easily substitute the green for yellow or orange and have yourself an October caddis pupae as well.

Hot Head Shad Wood

I love swinging flies for shad, but really hate to tie flies for them. Fishing the Bonneville Pool for shad from the bank leaves you with a few less hooks and you end up tying flies before each trip. A total pain in the ass if you ask me. Here is an easy way in my favorite color combination that I know will work.