Monday, July 18, 2011

Trey Combs this Weekend

Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to be able to have dinner with Trey Combs, one of the legends of fly fishing here in the Northwest. This weekend you can meet him and the rest of the grungy old dogs from the Steelhead Underground. Stop by the Drift on Main Street in Klickitat, Washington on Saturday July 23rd and meet him in person. You will even find Klickitat has a great new coffee shop filled with steelhead and trout flies. Trey will be there having lunch and signing a few books between 10am until 2pm.

This is a great opportunity to pick his brain about steelheading and atlantic salmon fishing around the world. Hell I hear he also knows a thing or two about those saltwater creatures on the fly as well.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Toy

It is a sad day that I had to pick this up after a shop closure, but yeah its a big win anyway. I have been looking for one of these for years and finally was able to punch the card last week with this one. Berkley-Triangle line winder and new backing for all the reels. I even picked up an old Ross Colorado for next to nothing. Man I hate to see Circle K disappear, especially with the history of walking through that store since I started fly fishing. But man I was excited when I got the news from a good buddy that was there the first day of the sale that yes, this one was all mine. It has already been put to good use after some minor modifications and cleaning. I think I will have to find a few more reels now.

New from Barrett Part II

A week ago my buddy Barrett send me an email about his second season up in the Kola Peninsula. Man I am jealous! Once again he is living my dream trip over and over again by guiding in Russia. He even went to say he caught his largest Atlantic ever. You guys need to check this out at Faraway Fly Fishing. This guy is living the dream.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What the Hell

A June fish many moons ago that wrecked my favorite six weight.

I just came to a very sad realization sitting here drowning my sorrows in a 40 of O'English, I didn't swing a single fly in the month of June. I must be out of my mind!!! I am going through an ugly divorce and June is my second favorite month to swing a fly and I did not do it a single freaking time. What the hell!!! This bullshit has got to stop. Dammit, get the hell out and swing some freaking fish! I am back up in this biaatches and its almost time to skate the hell out of them. Give them hell boys, they are laying in wait.