Friday, April 4, 2014

Puget Sound Chambers Creek Hatchery Runs Go Bye Bye

Chambers Creek Hatchery Steelhead Photo: Brian Chou

Well after decades of releases into Puget Sound, the Washington Department has decided to end releases of Chambers Creek Steelhead into its streams this year. With a threatened federal lawsuit from the Wild Fish Conservancy, this practice of releasing smolts will end and releases will not occur this Spring. With one million steelhead smolts released every year into Puget Sound Rivers, only about 7000 are caught on their return, leaving countless numbers spawning and competing with now threatened endangered native steelhead. This is a big win for native fish and a big loss to the sports fishery in that area.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

NFS's Sponsor a Protestor

I received a email from the Native Fish Society yesterday requesting something odd. I am not saying what to do, rather letting you decide. Funny to say the least. Check it out:

Dear Members and Supporters,

With Sandy river hatchery plants cut by half, stray rates below 10%, wild broodstock programs suspended and a precedent setting federal court ruling, the Three Rivers Sportman’s Alliance (a pro-hatchery “political action committee”) is planning to protest our upcoming Annual Benefit Banquet and Auction.   

In response, Native Fish Society supporters and members have asked us to provide an opportunity to raise additional support for wild fish by donating per protester. 
If you'd like to sponsor a protester please email with your name, the amount you would like to donate per protester and your phone number. Thank you for all your support for wild, native fish!

Best Regards, 

NFS Staff

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