Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Echo 3 Spey Review

so now after a couple days fishing/casting the 6, 7 and have been the thoughts on these sticks from both myself and the Mike of Steel. 

-they all feel at least a line size lighter in hand than you would expect 

-theres a couple minor details that Echo thought of (square rod tube to prevent runaway rods, alignment dots on the reel seat) that just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

-nice work on the cork and grip lengths, and down locking reel seats on the 7 and 8 (this is something im surprised more companies have not already done, especially for two handers), with the uplocker on the 6, probably due to a shorter rear grip

-they each have a different personality...which leads into a short description of each as follows:

the 6127: great size at 12'7'', perfect for small to mid sized rivers where youre throwing smaller flies and lighter tips...surprisingly crispy for a 6 with a quick tip and smooth flex all the way down...great summer stick for dry lines and small flies. such a light stick. 

what id line it with: scandi: 360-390 rage: 420 skagit: 420-450

food it reminds me of: a fresh batch of taco time mexi fries with habanero powder.

the 7130: if you liked the classic and even the solo speys, this is the lighter, similar version with that same kind of "take-your-time-but-dont-be-late" action. while im sure this will get dry line time, i would definitely use this as a summer tips rod, and into the fall for when river temps drop and were not quite into the big fly, big tip game. 

what id line it with: scandi: 420-450 rage: 450 skagit: 450-510 

food it reminds me of: butter. anything with melting over a warm batch of cinnamon buns where the entire bun is the consistency of the middle.

the 8134: the bang stick. this is the stick ive been waiting for from echo...while the TR8 was a pretty good meat lobber, this E38 is lighter, has a faster recovery, and is gonna do some work for me this winter. with a quick tip, progressive even flex into the mid, and backed by a scarlet johansson booty, this rod needs a mission down deep. a crispy big fly chucker for all your t-whatever needs. 

what id line it with: scandi: 510-540 rage: 540 skagit: 540-570

food it reminds me of: chicken fried steak. with a side of steak. and steak fries. with bacon gravy. 

check please. =)

B. Chou

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