Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flying Solo

Finally had a morning free to get out with the 2011 Kelt King, but at O'dark thirty I get the text that six inches of powder just dropped on the hill he opted for a day of tele and powder instead. Though too many knee surgeries have kept me from ever skiing, I understand just like in rivers that are in prime shape, you only have good opportunities a few times a year to ski on powder. So with that in mind and a warm body in bed next to me, getting out early went out the door. Hours later while attending to breakfast, I realized chores would again have to wait again for another day and finally got out the door to fish a local.

I do not fish solo much anymore in the Winter. If I am going to get out for some good casting practice, I might as well have a buddy tag along. But with a busy schedule these days, you sometimes got to take any opportunity to get out. This was one of those days that made it worth it. When approaching the run I wanted to fish, I ran into three guys about to fish the run I wanted to wet a fly in. After chatting it up for a while, talking about conservation issues and how the fishing was for them that morning I went upstream to explore new water. After working hard through a long run, I took a drive back down to where I ran into those guys.

Finding the run open was a signal to me that apparently there was not any fish to be bad in the run, at least that is what I thought to myself. The guys fishing the run were fishing both flies and jigs and already touched a couple fish that weekend. Working through the run and seeing a fish roll as I worked my way into the tailout, I finally at the end of a swing get a tug. After casting a few more time with nothing I switched to a darker fly and repeat with a similar tug. Minutes later I head back to the head of the run and start stepping again and a half dozen casts later I loose my loop and a tug of war began. This fish didn't run much, just sat there head shaking and moving back and forth in the current. As I brought it to the bank I realized this was the one. The one being if you have to land one fish a year, this is the one.

After bringing it to the bank in the fast current and bushes on the bank, I new it would be difficult to tail it. But after a few minutes, we shook hands and he went back on his way. A magnificent football sized buck. Though I thought the day could not get any better, I walked back to the head of the run and when I stood there casting and stepping, I started to notice fish after fish purposing and jumping in the run. A half dozen casts later I was in my backing with an acrobatic hen flipping me the tail in disgust of a hook embeded in her upper lip. This acrobat wore herself out in the air. I could not believe how many times she took flight, especially in 42 degree water. Minutes later she was on the bank and I had to end my day.

Vision Cult 7134

What a great day and it goes to show you that sometimes luck and just getting out the door is a must. I really wish I could have shared that day with a good buddy, but it sure was better then getting chores done around the house. Man this has been a great Winter! Hope your flies are finding paydirt as well.



What a fish! good read! Mike

Just call me Gamby said...

dude! Sweet!

Marty Sheppard said...
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mia said...

There's something to said about fishing alone. Sometimes it's the best way to roll.

Apocalypse Now, Steelhead said...

great job mike, a well deserved day of fishing to say the least.

Unknown said...

sweet mike. glad you had a good one.