Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soul River Shop Opening

Portland-based Soul River Runs Deep is launching a unique, one of a kind lifestyle boutique with intention to transition the passion of an angler on the wild river waters into everyday urban life. In essence, “trails to cocktails”, “riverbanks to boardrooms”, and “aquatic life to street life”. Soul River’s space provides not just a haven for anglers but also acts as an incubator embracing our next generation of diverse outdoors people. 

We sit nestled in the North Portland Kenton neighborhood, intertwined into a tight-knit community brimming full of small businesses and quaint residential streets to stroll. We are strategically planting our roots in Kenton because of the accessibility by bus and MAX lines, bikes and cars (we are less than ½ mile off Interstate 5) targeting all people – from youth to the expert angler to a family of five – we welcome all! 

We desire to engage minds with thoughts of conscious conservation, big fish stories and entertain wild river stories all while sipping on locally-crafted kombucha and offering variety of lifestyle products. Products offered extend beyond the artistically designed Soul River apparel and include artisan organic soaps, custom-tied flies from anglers all over the world, hand-crafted shaving kits made of antler and wood, Loop rods and reels, and registration for guided trips along incredible Pacific Northwest rivers with The Evening Hatch owner Jack Mitchell. 

You can find your own Soul River within the retail space anywhere from a beginners interest (with ongoing offerings of workshops about fly tying, casting, and conservation) to the most advanced angler. Soul River provides an authentic and unique experience of lifestyle and fly fishing!

 Come by and check us out! The Shop Opening is July 31st.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Searsville Dam and San Francisquito Creek

San Francisquito Creek, flowing out of Searsville Dam located on Stanford University has become a recent debate among Environmentalists who support one of San Francisco Bay's last populations of Wild Steelhead. Historically these steelhead spawned in the headwaters above this dam and have been blocked for decades in order to fill the reservoir above for irrigation water for Stanford's gold course and grass on its community.

This remnant steelhead population struggle through drought, depleted flows, degraded habitat and blocked access by Searville Dam. This dam that is currently being assessed for removal and with out help can be removed to help this dwindling population of native fish. With no meaningful benefits, safety concerns and the benefit to our native fish, the removal of this dam need to be taken under consideration.

In the end we are either protecting green lawns or steelhead. Which would you rather see? With Stanford University touting themselves as a leader in global stability, lets hope they make the right decision, removing this dam from campus and leading the way, proving they are leaders providing environmental stability in this community and the San Francisco Bay.

Read move via Ecowatch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Hander Day on the Klick 2014

Jack Mitchell Helping to Create proper Loop Formation. 
Its that time of year again for the second annual Klickitat Two Hander Day. Though last years the river was blown out, this year is looking promising. Regardless this spey gathering was a great success and lots was learned for all. 

Trey Combs

Come join us Saturday August 9th, 2014 for this years event at Leidl Access on the Klickitat. The event starts with a 11:00 am check in and ends with a riverside barbecue. After the afternoon classes you have the option to fish or hang out with the gang at the Steelhead Ranch where Todd Moen from Catch Magazine will be showcasing some film work.

Jeff Cottrell
This years group includes Jack Mitchell from the Evening Hatch, Jeff Klick Skater Cottrell , Brian "Snake Eyes: Chou, Brian Styskal the Hammer Tosser, Judge Ben Dow,  Eric Easy Neufield and myself.

Brian "Snake Eyes" Chou and Chad Brown from Soul River rolling in Clyde.
This years Itinerary.

This years topics include:

-Demystifying the variety of two hand lines
-Beginner two hand casting
-Intermediate/advanced two hand casting
-Getting More Distance
-Fishing the Fly, hooking and fighting fish
-Single hand spey casting
-Up against the trees
-Combining casts to optimizing efficiency
-Long belly vs underhand casting
-Overhead casting with the two hander

Product Representation Include:


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Swing the Fly Magazine

With online magazines and more time to read then fish these days, Swing the Fly Magazine has been a bonus. Check out this summers edition when you get the time. Swing the Fly.