Friday, November 5, 2010

Sad Day for the Thompson

Once again Canadian officials have chosen to keep the Thompson River closed to angling this Fall. It is estimated that there is a 30 percent chance that more than 850 fish will return to the tributaries of the Thompson River to spawn next spring. This is a sad day for steelhead, the anglers that follow them, the community that relies on the fishermen and the future for this fabled river. Read more courtesy of Kamloops Daily News and the Thompson Fisheries Blog.

The other sad news is hatchery introduced steelhead are being considered. Fuck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steelie Mike,

A steelhead hatchery for the Thompson is not being considered at this time although there are a number of community and angler advocacy groups pushing for this option.

The Thompson is classified as a "wild" steelhead stream in which no augmentation can currently take place. This designation is supported by BC's Steelhead Stream Classification Policy (you can find a link to the policy on the Thompson Fisheries Blog).

Of course, all this can change but I suspect it will take time.

Hoping for better times on the T,
Greg Gordon

Steelie Mike said...

Thank you for the clarification Greg.