Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oregon Fly Tiers Convention

John Newbury tying a Drunella Drake Emerger.

I had a few hours before work yesterday afternoon to spend with my daughter at the Oregon Fly Tiers Show in Troutdale, Oregon. Unfortunately we got there a little later then expected and was not able to really see as much as I wanted. There really is a lot to learn at these venues, not to mention be instructed by the best of the best. Most of all I wanted to make sure my daughter was able to see that there were men and women out there that sit in front of a table and play with feather and fur, just like daddy. Although the cabellero eggs, dean lanterns and leeches that we tie together are simple and easy compared to the flies we saw tied at this venue, someday we will to tackle more complex flies together. That's going to be awesome!

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Jeff said...

I'm not a fly fisherman, but really enjoy your blog.