Friday, August 20, 2010

Tired of Puking!

Pacific Albacore tuna get hammered out there in the deep blue sea from both commercial and sports harvest. Its white distinctive taste is what you get when you buy white tuna at the store. The fish swimming off the coast of Oregon and Washington are for the most part in the 10-30 pound class fish. Larger fish are not uncommon, but you will find most of them farther south, depending on water temperatures. These fish are high in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These Omega 3's needed for cell structure have been shown to help prevent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease such as strokes and heart attacks by aiding in the reduction of triglycerides.

A piss poor top water view of a Pacific Sunfish.

An underwater view of a Pacific Sunfish. Courtesy of Phillip Colla.

I have been trying for years to get into some Oregon Coastal blue water fishing. This year I took a couple opportunities to fish for them with Red Sky Charters out of Hammond, Oregon. However this land lover is going to stick with a spey rod for a while and put the 12 weight up. Being the son of a Navy man didn't mean I inherited sea legs and though been out many times over the years chasing salmon, I couldn't help but chum the blue waters off the Oregon Coast. Still it was well worth seeing my Echo 12 weight corked to the grip. On one of the trips a few blue sharks were caught and on both trips we found a few Pacific Sunfish to look at. On the first trip I even saw a small blue shark next to the boat chase a sunfish. An awesome National Geographic moment. Take advantage of the summers months and go gettum. They should be close throughout the summer and early fall.

Brad Smith fighting one of four tuna he caught that day.

My first Albacore Tuna caught on a Shock and Awe tube fly with lots of peacock.


robot.farmer said...

Break out the seasoned rice. It's sushi time!

shotgunner said...

Wow.. Beautiful fish! Maybe someday.. B