Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sight Fishing

Every since the Jim Teeny video, Catching More Steelhead, sight fishing has got a bad wrap for one reason or another. But I got to tell you watching a fish react to your offering is one of the coolest things you can do while steelheading. Dec Hogan discussed this and the different types of takes in his book, A Passion For Steelhead. Yesterday I was fishing a local with a buddy and found several fish in a tailout. With sun right on top of them and a lot of glare I was able to watch them move and not move to our offerings. There were times when the fish would simply move over and look at the fly while at other times they would move over take the fly and just barely open there mouth. I am sure that time of day, lighting and the gear guy that just walked out of the run had something to do with it, but there were not very aggressive to the fly. Fish were hooked, fish were lost, but another learning experience was gained.


mike doughty said...

if i spot em', i got em'

Ryan said...

While in Colorado, I would fish to a fish for almost an hour sometimes. There is nothing more frustrating that watching a fish ignore your offerings. It is like he is saying, "Ha, you gotta do better than that!"

The Average Joe Fisherman