Friday, August 13, 2010

No Sports Allowed

For those of you that do not know this leather carving scoundrel, it is Marc Crapo, aka McRowdy. His one of a kind leather work has been sought after for his ability to custom design leather fly wallets, fly boxes, journals, flask wraps, bill folds, guitar straps, dog collars and even brief cases. You also may recognize him from the Fly Fishing Film Tour, touring throughout the country spreading the word about cutting age fly fishing film from around the globe. Check out his leather work at

My first impression of Marc came from a phone conversation. Knowing that I was half Filipino, he thought it would be entertaining to speak Tagalog, one of the native dialects of the Philippines to me over the phone. Not using this language, nor understanding it well since I was very young, I was shocked that this redneck from Ashton, Idaho was speaking it to me. Not to mention I had virtually no idea what the hell he was saying in a language I very well should know. It has since become an entertaining to me and the half breed Filipino fishing crew. It goes to show you you can not always take everything you see at face value.

While not touring to the 80 or so venues around the country and carving the hide of dead animals, Rowdy is also a videographer. Working with a couple of his boys, Royce Klinger and Aaron :Chubby" Peterson, they have come out with their sequel No Sports Allowed Volume II: How We Do. A worthy video for all trout fishermen out there and something worth checking out.

NSA vol. 2 how we do... from Marc Crapo on Vimeo.

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I am not exactly sure what the guy above me said, but I agree!

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