Thursday, August 20, 2009

River Borne Outfitters

So I get this message from my boy Sam Sickles last week that he is looking to make a change from his low down dirty nine to five corporate job. Now thinking to myself, this guy took last summer off to steelhead fish and I know what he is thinking. Catching a fish of several lifetimes last Fall, Sam addiction has led him to become part owner for River Borne Outfitters. Sam with Vail Borne will be running steelhead trips on the Lower Deschutes. These guys are one of only three outfitters that are running fly fishing trips in the Lower Deschutes.

These two fishy dogs have been catching fish all summer on the D and I have had to hear about it. On top of that they will be covering the Siletz, Alsea and Nestucca on the Oregon Coast as well as Hood, Sandy and Clackamas Rivers. You can get the scoup on what's happening on the river on their blog report. Check these guys out, you will not regret it. Now I am wondering if Sam will show me where he got caught Mr Piggy?