Monday, August 17, 2009

It's D Time

For those of you loyal steelhead junkies out there, the pilgrimage to the Deschutes in the late summer is a must. The crowds will be thick, the jet boats will be annoying, the rattlers will be there, the floating lines will be out and with luck you takes will be aggressive. For those of you in the steelhead underground and in the know, you will have no problems. If you have some questions or looking for a report, drop by the Fly Shop of the Dalles and harass Jeff Cotrill or Leif Rinearson. It is good to get reports from guys who live near and on the water. Just don't ask him where I have been fishing. Support your local fly shop!


mike doughty said...

I'm bummed i couldn't make it

Alfred P. Neves said...

the Fly Shop in the Dalles is a good shop, much better than average shop. I found a copy of Bates, Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing, which is hard to find.