Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Randomness

It is amazing how many of us steelheaders, hell any fishermen have random insights, thoughts and ideas that we think are novel and maybe even money making. The reality however it's usually rain or sun soaked brain that is been out in the elements for way too long and well as we all know, random shit wanders in and out of your head when you are fishing and not catching.

Many years ago I ran into a guy on the Kalama that was fishing and walking around with a huge carabineer attached to his net. I remember asking him what it was for and he said he saw someone on the Skykomish walking around with one, using it to hold a fish. Since I find myself at Home Depot a lot because I need to repair the holes the minions of satin, aka moles are digging in my backyard, I randomly pick up things that I end up using for fishing and the carabineer is one of them. The last few years I have found this idea of a carabineer as a great one. I have used it for attaching an anchor, jury rigging a broken anchor pulley, attaching a nalgene bottle to my wading belt, holding a bag together after a zipper broke, fighting off sasquatch and off course hauling fish around without tearing up my hands or using a branch off the side of the river. I am sure I will find more uses for them and for three bucks, they are worth it.

So the other day something odd happened that has not happened too often this summer. I actually landed two of the fish I hooked and was out in the sticks. Now with my trusty carabineer I hiked out of the spot I was fishing and threw the fish in the back my truck. Now it was over ninety degrees out and I knew I had to get them on ice soon. After driving around I finally found a convenience store that might have a cooler. Off course all they had was one small non biodegradable foam styrofoam containers that will be here until the end of time. When I saw that it was cracked I had an epiphany and the ghetto cooler was born. With the help of the Asian gentleman behind the counter I was able to create what is going to make me millions. Now a fishing buddy is patent attorney and do not want any of you to copy me idea. So watch out!!!

The beer and fish lasted eight more hours in the cooler and there was still some ice left by the time I got home. Well there was a few less beers.

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Just call me Gamby said...

dude, will you take me? I will hold your fish, if you give me a chance to actually "catch" one..
nice work bro...
sounds like you and jarrod slayed em.