Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lost in Wyoming

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of joining a few of the boys on a little road trip to see our friend Scott Sadill release his new book Lost in Wyoming. Scott Sadill is a local steelheader, fly fishing guru that lives in Hood River, Oregon. Scott has released two other books, Cast From the Edge: Tales of an Uncommon Fisher and Angling Baja: One Man’s Fly Fishing Journey Through the Salt. Other notable writings from Scott can be read in many current fly fishing periodicals such as Gray’s Sporting Journal and The Drake.

Scott’s new book is a collection of twelve stories that bring both the life and culture of fly fishing and the struggles they face in life and fishing together. It is a wonderful read for both the fisherman and the everyday outdoor enthusiast.

“These stories about life and fishing-about life intertwined with fishing-are beautifully written and contain all of those moments of surprise and victory and loss and joy and anguish that we all know are elements of life and to fishing, and the two when they’re combined.”
-Dave Hughes



Wonderful! I will check them out! Thanks.

Scott Sadil said...

Do check 'em out if you like stories about life and love and all that good stuff that happens to fly fishers and everybody else besides.

Scott Sadil said...

SM, Thanks for the comments and showing up for the launch. The "Get Lost. . ." Book Tour is now officially underway. Just back from Seattle; headed tomorrow for Eugene and Bend (bamboo rod fair in Camp Sherman) -- then blasting north and east, Coeur d'Alene, Missoula, Wyoming, CO. Back home just in time to swing the Waking Muddler for our favorite fish of the year.