Thursday, July 16, 2009

Letter From Andy

So my boy Andy just dropped me a letter. The kid is working his second season up at Unalakleet River Lodge. Unalakleet River Lodge is located 400 miles Northwest of Anchorage, Alaska in the Northern portion of the Bering Sea. The Unalakleet River System hold four species of Pacific Salmon as well as dolly varden, arctic char, grayling and though a rarity, sheefish.

Andy has been working his butt of to pay for college. Well in reality it is probably for booze and a drift boat for the upcoming season of steelheading on Idaho's Clearwater River, but still he is working 6-7 days a in God's country. The poor bastard finally got a chance to get out and swing the two hander for some kings and found great success. While fishing the North River with fellow guides and badass photogpahers Matt Jones and Carter Simcoe, Andy was able to tangle with a few of these chrome brutes. The fish numbers and size of fish are way up this season, I wish I could have made it up there.

Here is some scenery from up North

Andy's first swung king up there. It took a blue and green intruder he tied earlier during his lunch break. Can you believe the poor bastard had to actually tie flies at lunch. That must suck! Photo: Carter Simcoe

Sea lice and king salmon. You freaking beat that! Photo: Matt Jones

One of hundred of chrome chum they have been catching. Photo: Matt Jones

Andy, you are not casting a long belly line, quit pushing :). Photo: Matt Jones

If you want to check out more phtography and see what's up, check out Matt Jones journal, Somthins Fishy. Keep up the good work up there fellas and enjoy the mosquitos.

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