Thursday, July 16, 2009

Epic Hotcase

Back in the day, when fishing at night was legal on a certain river, before guides and their clients pissed off land owners causing a change in regs, the crew used to drop by Toads on the way back for some epic hotcase. Now I know there are a bunch of health freaks out there and many of new cool yuppie steelheaders wouldn't understand, but hotcase is the steelheaders best friend. Hell it is the fisherman's best friend.

Now I won't go into detail about the friend crispy treats behind the glass wall that await you before, after or during a fishing outing at your favorite truck stop, but I will tell you I have some fond memories of eating a gut bomb after a good day of fishing.

In regards to fishing that evening that led us to Toads, well here are a few pics to let you know where we ended up:

I think this is one of those mayfly things that trout eat.
FYI, Filipino boat 6 fish, Owens boat 1 bat.

1 comment:

Just call me Gamby said...

Man, I love Hotcase.

Man, I love Mayflies.

Man, I love Filipinos.