Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Want to Win a Reddington Reel?

All you have to do is release a fish. Check this out from the Fly Fisher Girl Hannah Belford.

This contest is all about proper care and handling of fish, with an emphasis on releasing the trophy ones UNSCATHED. Face it, we have all seen the grip-n-grin hero shots of our lifetimes. Are those large gamefish still out there? Yes, but certainly not in the numbers of the old days. Why? Well, the majority of people did not have the amount of education available in the past as we do today to be able to properly understand the benefits of catch and release and ramifications of angling as a whole.

Angling kills fish. However, with proper care and attention one can minimize the impact. In fact, if one chooses to fish strictly catch and release barbless hook angling - you are going to give the fish the best possible chance for survival…well next to not using a hook. My vegan dad and stepmom woulda called me on that. :)

Of course, there are many learned skills and many common sense rules when it comes to care and handling of fish that applies when landing them. Please share yours with us and win a Redington Rise Reel available in Dark Charcoal, Burnt Orange or Moss with four models to choose from, courtesy of Redington Fly Fishing

Rules are:

The contest will run for one week exactly, and the winner will be chosen by flyfishergirl (Hannah Belford) and Pete McDonald of

Parts of this contest are going to be based on honesty. Yep, not a rule…but it needs to be said. Hopefully you submit pics of your fish, not someone else’s.

Contest is open to both sexes and all ages.

Emphasis is on fly caught fish, but the contest is open to all methods of angling for those 16 and under.

You must register on to be able to participate, and your entry needs to be submitted here.

We want to see a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 6 per posting.

We also want to see some written information about how you practice proper releasing techniques.

Images can be a maximum of 450 pixels wide and/or 338 high.

You are limited to ONE posting - so make it count!

Points to know are…

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