Friday, May 29, 2009

GI Joes is Gone!

Joes, the store formerly known as GI Joe's is now almost gone. With the current state of the economy many of our local fly shops and even box stores have been hit by hard times. Years ago when GI Joe's, a local chain of sporting goods stores was bought and renamed to the more politically correct Joe's in 2007. I think this was the beginning of the end for a local favorite that I frequented before any big camping, fishing or hiking trip. I spent a lot of money there over the years and though shopping at a big box store, I always new I was supporting a Pacific Northwest chain that has been around since 1952.

Originally based out of a station wagon, Edward Orkney built this business based off army surplus after World War II. This store grew and spread throughout Oregon and Washington until now. Over the last few months Joe's has gone through the painful tasks of liquidating its merchandise. It is a sad day for the Pacific Northwest to see this business disappear. I want to thank every employee that has helped me over the years for such great service. You and GI Joe's will be missed.

At $34.00 a bag and 70% off, these came to a total of $10.20 a bag.

My last visit to my local Joe's was a sad event. The once filled shelves were bare and everything was 60-70% off their marked price. I ended up picking up three bags of flies with random patterns in them. I thought there was three dozen flies in each bag. When I got home I realized I was wrong, there was about a hundred flies in each bag. They ended coming out to about ten cents per fly. It is going to take a decade for me to loose all of those bugs. Thanks again Joe's.

The rumor around the block is Dick's Sporting goods is going to take over some of these stores. Great, all we need is another dick!

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