Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009 Sandy River Spey Clave

Wait a second, that isn't a spey rod.

Mathias Lilleheim
discussing rod plane and angle assisted by Henrik Mortenson and Brian Styskal.

Adrienne Comeau discussing fly presentation during the first ever ladies day at the Sandy River Spey Clave.

This years Sandy River Spey Clave was a blast. The weather was perfect, the river was in great shape and the casting demonstrations were very informative. I got to hang out and share a few beverages with some old and new friends. The three day weekend went by fast and I found myself casting a lot of different sticks.

Marty Sheppard discussing skagit casting and winter fishing tactics for our local waters. He fishes a loop with tips and Skagit lines fellas.

I got to cast a lot of rods this year and there were many highlights. Casting a Sage 000 weight nine foot spey rod built by Anderson Custom Rods and having Bob Clay work on my casting while trying out one of his grass bamboo rods were high on that list. I also got to play with several Loop, Guideline, Thomas & Thomas, Echo, Sage and Winston Rods. The new Guideline LeCie 7137, Echo TR 7130 and Thomas & Thomas switch 1107 were my favorites of the bunch.

Matt Klara after getting just a little too much sun.

The conversations and arguments you get when you get a bunch of dysfunctionally festive steelheaders together are funny. Rooster fish on the spey, why the hell not. SPEY RODS, GET ONE! One side of Wagonblast versus the other. Really? Estimating size of fish was a funny one as well. You never know what is going to come out of ones mouth after a few drinks. Good thing they only discourage martinis at Oxbow. Beware of what happens to you if you fall asleep at the campfire Brian (photo for a later time).

Dawn Fisher Chou getting an overhead casting lesion from Al Buhr. I think she has Roosterfish on her mind.

I was also able so take some time and check out both the Sierra Club and Native Fish Society booths. I finally got off my ass and joined the Native Fish Society. I also met Jeff Hickman, a guide working with the Sierra Club. We discussed the current plan for increased logging in the Clatsop and Tillamook State Forests (See Rally For our State Forests) and its implications on watersheds that the increased runoff will drain into. It will be a sad day if House Bill 3072 passes.



Thanks for the report! Mike,
Glad it's beautiful weather and everyone had a good time!!
I am jealous!! Mark

Sean said...

Would be grateful for more thoughts on the T&T Switch 11' #7 - I am tempted!