Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flies of the Month

Smuddler Minnow

I am already thinking about summer and dry lines. The smuddler was a pattern originally tied by Greg Smith. Greg a native to Southwest Washington has used this pattern for decades locally with great success. It is the original skater that was later turned into an after dinner mint by a local fly shop owner. This fly will take fish skated, especially in boulder fields in the summer.

Brad Smith with a SWW Native taken on a Smuddler

Marabou Flies

Lakers suck variant

The all purpose marabou fly has been around for decades. They are a blast to tie and can be very easy, depending on how you want them to look. I like them tied with a varying contrast and bulk, providing a larger profile for winter months. I tie them using tubes or stinger style, depending on my mood and fish them with confidence. Now if I can just find a fish in this winter sea of sorrow, I would be in good shape.

A Glue Egg???

Oh that's right, no need for pegging, chenille or McFly Foam here my friends. Just some straight up glue on an Owner SSW. Drop some glue, grab a lighter and start spinning until it feels just right. Swing them, chuck them, dead drift them or throw them off the end of a centerpin and you will catch some fish. This is a great fly for the omelette hatch on the Wet Side part of the Pacific Northwest in the Fall and creek fishing in the winter.



smuddler looks awesome! Thanks for sharing those patterns!

Gaz said...

I'm new to this, could you spill the secret of which glues one might use to make those perfect looking eggs?

Thanks, G.