Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Hander Day on the Klick 2014

Jack Mitchell Helping to Create proper Loop Formation. 
Its that time of year again for the second annual Klickitat Two Hander Day. Though last years the river was blown out, this year is looking promising. Regardless this spey gathering was a great success and lots was learned for all. 

Trey Combs

Come join us Saturday August 9th, 2014 for this years event at Leidl Access on the Klickitat. The event starts with a 11:00 am check in and ends with a riverside barbecue. After the afternoon classes you have the option to fish or hang out with the gang at the Steelhead Ranch where Todd Moen from Catch Magazine will be showcasing some film work.

Jeff Cottrell
This years group includes Jack Mitchell from the Evening Hatch, Jeff Klick Skater Cottrell , Brian "Snake Eyes: Chou, Brian Styskal the Hammer Tosser, Judge Ben Dow,  Eric Easy Neufield and myself.

Brian "Snake Eyes" Chou and Chad Brown from Soul River rolling in Clyde.
This years Itinerary.

This years topics include:

-Demystifying the variety of two hand lines
-Beginner two hand casting
-Intermediate/advanced two hand casting
-Getting More Distance
-Fishing the Fly, hooking and fighting fish
-Single hand spey casting
-Up against the trees
-Combining casts to optimizing efficiency
-Long belly vs underhand casting
-Overhead casting with the two hander

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