Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Searsville Dam and San Francisquito Creek

San Francisquito Creek, flowing out of Searsville Dam located on Stanford University has become a recent debate among Environmentalists who support one of San Francisco Bay's last populations of Wild Steelhead. Historically these steelhead spawned in the headwaters above this dam and have been blocked for decades in order to fill the reservoir above for irrigation water for Stanford's gold course and grass on its community.

This remnant steelhead population struggle through drought, depleted flows, degraded habitat and blocked access by Searville Dam. This dam that is currently being assessed for removal and with out help can be removed to help this dwindling population of native fish. With no meaningful benefits, safety concerns and the benefit to our native fish, the removal of this dam need to be taken under consideration.

In the end we are either protecting green lawns or steelhead. Which would you rather see? With Stanford University touting themselves as a leader in global stability, lets hope they make the right decision, removing this dam from campus and leading the way, proving they are leaders providing environmental stability in this community and the San Francisco Bay.

Read move via Ecowatch.

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