Thursday, January 17, 2013

Promont Outdoors

With the outdoor industry chocked full of different brands that sell their sole to the masses for profit,  it is nice to see something original and genuine when it comes to apparel or design. I own a lot of gear and clothing from the large based fly fishing companies out there, but what makes that any different from the guy swinging through the run downstream or hiking up a trail up there in those hills is minimal. Sure I love Simms and Patagonia products, there is not doubt, I own lots of the above, but the character behind the design or name is sometimes lacking and representing the masses promotes nothing more then the company and not the individual. It seems as if the brand or stamp from these companies are the trend setters and now selling the name and not the design. Originality sometimes takes the back-burner and progressive thought may be left to the wayside. This is the same in areas outside of fly fishing and why big companies rule the marketplace.

Sure in the big scheme of things, this is not a big deal, but when you break it down, individuality is who we are. This is why when I see companies like Promont Outdoors and Soul River I see a future in the outdoor industry. Promont Outdoors, based in Bozeman, Montana is a family based company that brings a rich heritage of the love of the outdoors to the individual and family. Weston Paul the owner of the company met his wife many yeas ago while in college, resides in Montana and now raises his two year old son Bozeman. Together they share their love of the outdoors and adventures with his son, much like I do with my family. Their focus is not only on the outdoors, but the true meaning of bringing family and people together both by sharing the experience and helping preserve it.

In January of 2012, Weston launched Promont Outdoors as a way to bring more unique lifestyle wear to the outdoor industry. Based out of his garage like most start up companies, his goal is to bring new unique and innovative products to the mainstream. As we all know in today's economy, starting a company and living the dream of creating something from scratch and bringing it to the people is difficult, but dedicated to educating and promoting the outdoors for the family, Promont's focus is in the right place. There is nothing more American then creating something from scratch and companies like this are the building blocks to our countries future.

Check out Promont Outdoors.


mike doughty said...

i used to shoot bow with my son like that. good stuff

Millsy said...

nice words mike, i am sure weston will be ecstatic with that