Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adrian Cortes and the Classic Salmon Fly

For those of you that are interested in Classic hand tied Atlantic Salmon flies and in the Eugene area on January 26th, check out Adrian Cortes at the Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene. Adrian is a local Portland area steelheader that has mastered the techniques of the likes of Harry Lemire and will be doing a tying demonstration at the shop.

Adrian with a Dechutes Summer Steelhead. Photo: Steve Turner

Adrian is a great guy and has mastered the ability to be a great family man, fishermen, fly dresser and nurse. It will be well worth the visit and picking his brain on taking winter steelhead on a dryline can be interesting. Check him out at the shop.



amazing skillz!! lovely video clip! I enjoy viewing it a lot! Mark

scasmflop said...

Hard Cor-tes, wow, been a long time.