Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vision Ace Skagit

The same people at Vision that brought you the easy casting Ace scandi shooting head several years ago, now have an entry into the skagit arena, and a good one at that.  Coming in at this stage of the game aint easy, especially when the skagit roster already has its starters, but this prospect has the goods to play in the big leagues.

The first time I saw the line it caught my eye just on color, being that its the first white production skagit line ive seen. Clearly marked grains/grams, a green weld at the back to signify direction, and small welded loops were among the other features that made a good first impression.

Upon taking it out fishing, the skeptic in me thought "how much different can one skagit line be from another?"...a couple days later, i had my answer. The rear taper is nice and short, giving good feel of the weight of the line throughout the cast. Turnover was as expected for a skagit, and given as thick as the line was, still maintained a tight loop shape. The icing on the cake is that it comes with a no brainer t-14 tip with the length set depending on the head length. loops on both ends of course.

For the technophiles, the usual taper diagram, but just to be easier on the eyes, I folded the sheet so as to create a dieting effect that made it...less fat looking.

B. Chou



Brian, Mike,

Great post and nice to see the line configuration. It seems they out a certain amount of weight on the back end... I wonder if this enhance the close range (short cast) feel and control?
Thanks for posting!


Roadie said...

Thanks Men! Nicely done review for a kickbut spey line that even comes with a free friggin sink tip! I aprreciate it very much!

sincerly addicted to steel head,