Friday, August 5, 2011

Early Morning Freestone Pimp.

What is the EMFP?

The “Early Morning Freestone Pimps” are a group of anglers committed to the environmental concerns over our wild resources, and the passion and commitment to obtaining…. oops wrong group……..let me rephrase…

It means nothing, and everything…. All at once.

We have rules about being a Pimp.
We love to fish.
We love to take a road trip, and fish.
We love to fish early, unless we sleep in.
We enjoy a beer or a sip of the harder stuff.
We love gravy.
We love to give each other a ton of grief.
We have fun throwing a fly, to whatever.
We impress the ladies; however there are never ladies around, so that is speculation. But we would like to think we impress the ladies.

Our late buddy, Ben Kapp is the creator and Godfather.
There are only a few Original Gangsters- Me, Mike, Jay Johnson.

There are maybe a half a dozen others… maybe. They have earned the right to be an “EMFP”. They are allright in our book.

If you see a sticker, come say hi, and give us a beer.
Or buy us dinner.
Or just be yourself.

PS.... My Name is Mike Gamby. I like long walks in the park, cold hot dogs, and spooning.
I am tired of this blog, and all this "steelhead" talk... They dont exist. It is like the unicorn. or maybe because I SUCK at steelhead fishing.

But I do love me some trout... so Mike let me in here, so I can talk about trout. And the EMFP.

You better listen up now!


Randall said...

Who let Gamby in here!?!? WTF?

fishbum3 said...


John Montana said...

A gam by sighting...shouldn't you be out slimming after carp mike?

Just call me Gamby said...

Just waiting for an invite John...
And of course some surgical gloves, cause I aint touching those nasty things. :)

Yard said...

I love Gravy.