Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Steelhead Camp in Pictures

John Kirk on his first steelhead adventure. After a few spey casting lessions and a few days on the water he was bent into the first steelhead of his life, not to mention first fish on the spey rod. There was four guys in camp who caught their first swung steelhead and one very talented Laura Jenkins who got her first also. Photo: Ian Majszak

Brain Chou casting a Bob Clay Riverwatch Dean Bamboo spey rod. Photo: Ian Majszak

Walking back from a morning of tug and war. I lost!!! Photo: Ian Majszak

Getting ready for battle. Photo: Ian Majszak

Matt Klara fixing his shit. Photo: Ian Majszak

Matt with the fruits of his labor. Photo: Ian Majszak

Fergus Skater Love! Photo: Michael Davidchik

Keith Darnall and John Kirk Classing up the Place. Photo: Ian Majszak

Jeff Nelson with one of a couple fish he caught on his first steelhead camp. Photo: Ian Majszak

Reading the Steelhead Bible after a morning session. Photo: Ian Majszak

Getting ready for the morning run. Photo: Ian Majszak

Keith running the Svendsen. Photo: Ian Majszak

Matney with the fastest boat on the river that morning. Photo: Ian Majszak

Checking out the scenery on the big river. Photo: Brian Chou

Lots of nights were spend like this. At one point we had 18 people around the campfire. Good times with good friends. I think the topic of this night was why Missoula sucked so much. Photo: Ian Majszak

There was another way to keep warm at night other then the campfire. Photo: Ian Majszak

Going to bed early, what a bunch of biaaaaaatches! Photo: Ian Majszak

Proving a point, one drunken night Matney tied up the Blue Death. The Blue Death is nothing but blue flashabou, and yes he picked my pocket with it. Photo: Michael Davidchik

An unnamed Alaskan educating us on landing skills. Photo: Michael Davidchik

Ian Majszak getting the shot. Photo: Matt Klara

Brian and I enjoying the moment. Matt's Powerspey, dryline, Scott T2H and a Red Wing Blackbird brought me some love in a run that hates me. Photo: Ian Majszak

Part of the steelhead crew the morning the Missoula boys left. Missoula Vs. Bozeman, what a stupid battle. Too bad neither of them have steelhead back home. Lots of guys and gals not in the picture. Photo: Ian Majszak


Steelie Mike said...
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Ryan said...

I hate it when I have to "fix my shit" =)

Great pics and report!

The Average Joe Fisherman


what a nice group!
Great fish too!

Jergens said...

Nice series of pictures Mike. Wish I could have been there.