Friday, October 1, 2010

Ross and 3M

My old Big Game #4 (Photo: Brian Chou)

I hate to admit it, I get crap from it from my buddies who fish the salt, but I have always been loyal to Ross Reels. Though you might not find any of the new models of reels in my closet, I still have a lot of the oldies and goodies. For years I have had a hard time not buying more when I see them in the classifieds. Maybe its the Filipino shoe thing that has transcended on fishing reels, but for sure it is at least the Filipino bargin shopper in me. When you own three Ross Big Game #6's and that isn't all of your spey reels, then you know you have a problem. I have been able to cut ties with quite a few of those as well as other Ross Reels over the years, but one thing is for sure, I still love those old Big Game Reels.

Ross Reels is a small company based out of Montrose, Colorado and have been making quality reels for over thirty years. 3M, the company that owns Scientific Angler has just recently purchased Ross Reels. How this is going to effect the factory in Montrose and their customer service is beyond me, but with the experience I have had with Scientific Angler, there shouldn't be any problem. Overall this is still a big deal, 3M is a huge conglomerante employing 75,000 workers in 65 countries, with $23 billion in sales a year. 3M dabbles in everything from medical, office and building supplies, video and computer accessories as well as sctoch tape to name a few. With ownership of Ross this could mean big changes to Ross's American homestead. Let's hope they stay loyal to their valued customer and stay planted in Montrose, Co. As of right now that is their current plan.

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Ryan said...

I have a Ross Cimarron on my five weight Scott SAS and a Ross Colorado Zero on my St. Croix two weight. The Ross Colorado zero is the finest click and paw reel ever made in my opinion. =_)

The Average Joe Fisherman