Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Victory for the Hoh River

Once again the Hoh River Trust has succeeded in acquiring 7,000 acres of land along the Hoh River just downstream of Washington's Olympic National Park. The Hoh River Trust is an organization that was formed by the efforts of both the Western Rivers Conservancy and the Wild Salmon Center (non-profit groups based out of Portland, Oregon), and was financed by a combination of federal, state and private money. Based out of Seattle, Washington the Hoh River Trust's objective is to conserve, restore, and enhance these lands in the Hoh River watershed for the benefit of fish, wildlife, and people. With this purchase, there is increased protection of vital habitat downstream of the Olympic National Park for anadromous fish, and gaps are now being filled between it and the Pacific Ocean. Now the healing process can occur from decades of industrial timber harvest along this mighty river. Read more courtesy of the Seattle Times.

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