Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yeah so there aint no end in sight. Two times to see God, I a mean the surgeon this week with secondary complications due to napalm. Well at least it looks like I was hit by napalm. The good news is I can walk without the crutches and can go back to work in a week. But fishing is out of the equation for quite a while and I am getting sick of tying flies.

Reports from the rivers are descent for late summers with a few winters here and there. Spent last evening sharing tall tales with a couple of bums from around the way. Apparently BC was off the hook this year and stories of Alaskan rainbows the size of steelhead were plentiful this season. The poor economy lead to many guides fishing for themselves this Fall. Poor bastards! With luck they will bring some good reports from the Snoopy Rod Challenge in the OP this friday.

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gribble said...

Good luck hope all gets better be safe!

k8 said...

Steelie Mike can't you at least pull plugs from the boat if you are sitting bitch?
Tell me you aren't really sitting on the bench this winter?!

Steelie Mike said...

K8, I have never caught a steelhead on gear. This very well might be the season to give it a try.