Monday, December 21, 2009

Get Your Orvis Balloons

From the Orvis website:

"Fly fishing strike indicators adjust to any water conditions, big or small. Attaches easily and stays afloat better. Suspends nymphs better. Reusable. Biodegradable. 10 balloons and O-rings per pack. Instructions included."

Now for some odd reason these are marked down and you should all get on it and buy them up for stocking stuffers. Damn, you wonder why Orvis gets a bad wrap, not to mention nymphers. Now I am not talking trash about Orvis or balloon chucking, though I should. But seriously, a balloon and an O-wring were previously a dollar a piece? WTF? The purpose of cheap assess using balloons was because they are cheap asses and Orvis marketing that is bright. But hey, at least they added instructions.


Jergens said...

No Mike, the Orvis Balloons are special, they detect strikes better than normal water balloons.

Whitefish Stumpy said...

Well, given amount of times your fly/lure/bait is inhaled when you are not paying attention (and if your buddy isn't around to yell, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Fish! Fish! Fish!") the Orvis balloons are the perfect solution. They are so buoyant that they will hook the fish for you. And if your guided clientele(or you for that matter) suck and/or have no desire to take the time to become a better fisherman then, well, this product is for you. Also, I understand that they don't work very well in cold weather(when lots of us are nymphing) and resemble something akin to your ball sack which might also explain why so many Orvis guides use them.