Friday, June 19, 2009

A Couple Cool Blogs

B-rad here is the descendant of a great Southwest Washington steelheader. He is one of the only true dry line steelheaders I know that is not taking Geritol daily. Disgruntled like all true traditionalist Northwest Steelheaders, Brad here will let you know what's on his mind in no time. Our arguments and conversations keep me on my toes and I am sure his blog will be no different. He is also the only guy I know that has been able to skate up a summer this season. Check out his blog So There I was.

Mike Doughty is back at home again after spending some quality time in Iraq. That is I think he hasn't been deployed again. Mike has spend several tours in the Middle East with the Air Force and has managed a blog in order to keep his sanity. Being away from fishing and the outdoors is one thing, but to also be away from his children is another. Check out Mike's blog Trout Tripper and see what one of Americas real hero's is doing. With any luck we will see him with some West-side chrome later this summer.

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