Saturday, June 13, 2009

20 Sub 3

Many years ago I was turned onto a fly called a MOAL. This mother of all leeches was tied and designed by Derek Fergus of Salem, Oregon. Now I did not know it at the time, but I later found out this was a great all purpose leech for various salmon species, steelhead, bass and just about any aggressive meat eating fish. The more I got into looking at Derek's flies, I found that he was one of the more creative fly tiers in the area and guy that did not have the problem looking outside the box when it came to both tying flies, fishing, and business.

A few years ago Derek stepped away from the everyday fishing industry and joined a group of friends in the creation of a company called 20 Sub 3. Named after a radio channel used on hunting trips, this group of outdoor professionals have slowly built a company directed at high quality outdoor merchandise that can be purchased directly, skipping the local distributors. Now Derek, nor myself have anything against the local fly shop, but as we have all seen in the modern outdoor industry there has been a big change in that all the products found at the local fly shop can be bought at the local big box store at a cheaper price. I will always support the local favorite fly shops, but searching out other options such as products from 20 Sub 3 also allows you to find other options sold directly from the company at reasonable prices and without the mark ups.

20 Sub 3 covers camping, hunting, fishing gear, watches, canine and other outdoor accessories. I suggest checking out some of his flies and move on from there. You can also find out what Derek and 20 Sub 3 is up to on their blog. Fans of Hawg Quest will also find his familiar face on many of their fly fishing episodes.

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