Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Lost Fish

Pacific Lamprey are one of the lesser known, yet oldest anadromous species in the Pacific Northwest. Much like salmon and steelhead, Pacific Lamprey struggle to reach the ocean when young and again in adulthood while on their spawning run, navigating through hydroelectric dams on their journey to their native waters.

The Lost Fish is a collaborative film with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Columbia River Intertribal fish Commission to bring light and public awareness to the decline of this disappearing species of fish. Pacific Lamprey hold both an important role in the heritage of our native people as well as a role in an intact ecosystem here in the Pacific Northwest.

In this Trailer you also see Elmer Crow, a Nez Perce elder and fisherman. Elmer grew up on the banks of the Clearwater River in Orfino, Idaho and has fished it since the young age of 3. This was long before the construction of Dworchak Dam on the North Fork of the Clearwater River. Legend has it he is one of the remaining fisherman in this world who can not only say he has caught steelhead in Kelly Creek, but has taken them on a dry fly.

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