Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ahhh Trout... And New Glass Rods.

Recently, I got a chance to try out the new Echo Glass. I have been waiting for this bad boy for a very long time. I got a hold of the 7’ 10” 3pc 5wt, and took it to the Deschutes. Just me and her…. Like a first date, minus the showering and deodorant.

What. A. Fun. Rod.

This rod changes everything about the game. Because the rod is so fast, your form has to be fluid, which makes you actually “feel” the way the rod is casting. All the way down to the cork.
I have always been a graphite rod guy. It took me a few moments to re-learn how to cast this rod. It makes you slow down. It makes you focus more on your casting, and less on life, and why your pants don’t fit anymore.
Which is what this game is all about, right?
I paired the rod with the Ion reel, and the new Airflo Super Dri 5wt floating line.
That combo is as smooth as a post hot case breakfast bowel movement.  Minus the cramps. 

What I love most about this rod, is the way it feels when you have a fish on. (even whitefish). I swear you can feel it all the way to your bunions. And my bunions haven't felt anything that awesome in a long time.
My opinion?

Yes. Add one to your quiver. And hit the water. Pronto.

It will totally make your extra chin disappear.

And rainbows will appear.

All because of the New Echo Glass. Its true. Promise.

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Randall said...

Sweet...another one bites the dust. Hopefully it'll lead you down a long and dark road to the world of glass for trout and beyond...