Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walmart Parking for Fishing Trips

So we all have meeting places where we meet the boys to go fishing. Sometimes it's just more convenient to leave the truck somewhere between homes. The problem is you got to make sure your car is safe and either in a public place where it won't get towed, or stowed away out of sight all together. But just like the Motiv guys learned in Mexico, Walmart is not the safest place to do so.

One also might make sure to park between the lines. The other day one of the boys who will remain nameless, accidentally took up two spots in a Walmart parking lot. Not the best idea to say the least with an interesting customer base. Here is a bit of humor for the day.

You got to love the spelling. 

Apparently when one of the guys got to the car, someone was found letting the air out of one of the tires. Park between the lines guys! At least in the end, it was more humorous than anything else.

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