Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Skagit Master 4, Midwest Steelheading

Tom Larimer's project on Trout, I mean steelhead fishing in the Midwest and Great Lakes region. One of these days I will have to see it for myself, after all, the Great Lakes actually have fish.

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Larimer Outfitters said...

Steelie Mike,
Thanks for posting the Skagit Master 4 trailer. After guiding for six years in the Great Lakes I moved to the West Coast twelve years ago because I wanted to fish for "Real" steelhead. -Fish that actually went to the ocean. After living and guiding in both places, I've come to realize the simple truth... While Great Lakes fish aren't saltwater critters, the grab is the same, the fish pull like hell and the rivers are beautiful. The spey anglers there fish for all the same reasons we do in the West. -It's actually a pretty cool scene. You should definitely check it out some time... You are right, those rivers have a butt load of fish.
Thanks for your support,