Friday, December 28, 2012

Bandaid on an Arterial Bleed

Washington has followed Oregon in banning barbed hooks on the Columbia River from the mouth up seventeen miles upstream of McNary Dam where the rivers turns upstream away from Oregon. You can still use treble and double hooks, but no barbs are allowed. Talk about a weak change to regulations. Do not get me wrong, barbless hooks are a great idea, especially with trebles, but they could have at least added specific tributaries or all of them in the Lower Columbia River not to mention above the Oregon boarder. At least they are tightening regulations finally and hopefully this will lead to further trends in assisting our native fish. Barbless hooks are easier to remove and decrease the chances of hurting fish before release and this rule change may lead to increased regulations needed in the future. Thanks WDFW for following suit.

Read more courtesy of the Columbia River Bulletin.

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