Monday, March 26, 2012

Chrome Chasers in Alaska

2010 (Chrome Chasers Promo) steelhead fishing in SE AK from Detonation Studios on Vimeo.

Well it is almost that time of year again and while winter steelheaders in the Northwest are winding down their season, there are still those who cannot put the thought of not chasing steelhead every month of the year down. In Southeast Alaska there is one of only a few hidden gems left that allows you to fish in solitude for a race of spring run steelhead.

Matt Klara with an average tidal pool chromer. 

Chrome Chasers in Wrangell, Alaska is one of the outfitters that will help you find them. Mike and Rick Matney have fished the waters of Wrangell, Alaska for years and they can help you island hop to find these exciting, aggressive fish. Everyday you will be able to eat your bounty of crab, spot prawns and halibut that will help you maintain the energy to hike and find these magnificent steelhead.

Ian Majszak with a well earned steelhead. 
The lack of pressure, roads and access will help you appreciate what true Pacific Northwest steelheading was like long before man changed their home waters in the lower forty-eight. This fishing is nothing like the Situk in neighboring Yakutat, Alaska, rather you do not have to worry about someone getting to the right spot before you wake up in the morning. These locations are seldom fished and you will cherish your catch and adventure in the pristine Tongass National Forest.

 Right now Chrome Chasers have several openings available for this spring and prime week spots are May 6-13th. Check out Chrome Chasers, you will not be disappointed.

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mia said...

I love Southeast Alaska, Wish we could go!