Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things Learned in 2011

Eight inch flies in water without clarity, awesome!

Low water hairwings, love them. 

Dryline grabs are addicting and forget about fishing anything but a dryline on the Deschutes.

Adding a little split shot is a lot easier then changing out a sinktip. 

West side hatchery fish can be skated too.

Montana Trout fishing is pretty cool.

Divorce attorneys are crooks. Sorry Ben :)!

Fishing a dead horse that has been beaten by gear guys can still produce fish with traditional patterns and tactics.

If it makes sense, just do it!

Skating in the dark works. 

Even if you end up hours late meeting your homies on the river.

Sometimes bro's before hoes doesn't count.

Guys from Idaho really do like to nymph the living crap out of runs and then sit in lawn chairs while their friends do the same. LAME!

Streamer fishing for trout sure can be a workout.

A dryline and steelhead in November can happen, even when under 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Change your damn fly when they won't return for another grab.

Watching your child catch a fish by themselves is more rewarding then catching hundreds yourself.

Cougar hunting is a lot easier then steelheading.

Josh Mills is a dork.

Jig fishing with a spinning rod is definitely not nymphing.

Riding a bike up and down a river in the summer really is the best workout an out of shape fishermen can find.

Longlines are fun as hell.

The ladies that work with Casting for a Recovery are wonderful and they are going great work.

Mia Sheppard is a riot!

Matt Klara is the Kelt King for 2011! 

Festive gatherings are always a blast.


Jergens said...

Awesome review Mike! We'll have to try to get together and fish this year.

Calvin Fuller said...

Come on Mike. Not all guys from Idaho nymph.

Unknown said...

Haha! This is awesome Mike! Love it! Poor Mia was soo embarassed

Steelie Mike said...

I know Calvin, but they seem to stay in one spot all day on the Madison.