Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Pinks

Found on the banks of a well known river below a well known run above a dam or two.

You know its a Pink Salmon year when you start to find them on rivers that they do not belong in. Pink Salmon are to salmon as Whitefish are to trout, almost always a pain in the ass unless your bored and live in the Superfund site known as Puget Sound. Now do not think I am talking smack about these mini salmon, in fact I have been well known to travel all the way to Alaska to pretty much just fish for them. These fish got a lot of heart and in the salt they are a ton of fun, especially on Miyawaki Poppers or wogs.

I remember reading years ago that these fish are well known to travel and spawn up rivers that are not from. I have seen sockeye in the Klickitat and Cowlitz, but never a pink in any of the Columbia tributaries. Pretty cool if they decided to populate a river on their own. Finally mother nature changing the ecosystem and not hatchery dropped fingerlings. Still in all reality this won't happen, but pretty cool if it did.

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