Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Monday

Well Father's Day came a little later then expected for me this year. I spent the weekend taking care of drunks and Heroin addicts in the Emergency Department this last weekend. Great comedy, but not a Father's Day celebration by any means. With my father staying with me for the summer and having Monday off, we took my daughter Lillian to the local lake for a little fishing. As we got our stuff together she immediately went for her Yellow Echo Gecko rod. Being five years old and not the best caster in the world, you never know what she would hook with it, but regardless watching her get excited to take the fly rod out was neat to see.

Needless to say, Lillian hooked grandpa a couple times as well as a few branches, the dock, my backpack, a tackle box and just about everything near us. I have learned a lot of patience over the years and understand that getting upset with her at her age will only lead to her loosing interest in the sport. However after giving a few pointers and her not following any of them, I noticed her line move next to the dock we were fishing from. She had stripped her line next to us and the erratic movement lead to her first fish hooked and landed on her own. Not a trout but rather a small black crappie. Not an epic moment by any means in the sport of fly fishing, but an epic moment for me and a memory shared with her grandpa. The smile on her face couldn't make her daddy more proud and an awesome gift for father's day.

Though the highlight of the day for Lillian was playing with worms, Lillian also got to use a couple and landed her first stalker trout as well. She even got to take this one home and dissect. She was more interested in seeing its entrails and bones then eating it though. I got to show her salmon eggs that it was taking off other people's hooks, a worm and lots of larva. This little guy was eating well and stomach was full. We then looked at all the organs together and she even asked to see its brain. Funny as hell because I couldn't find it. I have a feeling she is going to enjoy anatomy in college way more then her old man ever did.

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