Monday, February 21, 2011

Backside Double

thought id share a video of some fisherman demonstrating sustained anchor casting and the 180 degree a somewhat different manner...

...brings to mind some uses, say...if you ever feel like youre being watched, now youll know.

or...if youre really confused as to what a switch cast you know.

or...if youre bored of fishing a run that youve all but sent the "rake" through, and still doesnt contain fish where it should...heeeres your sign.

boy, thats a sexy loop.



heavymetalspey said...

Aaaaaand my rods get thrown into the fireplace.

Justin T. said...

That is Hillarious!!

Josh said...

Jeeze- Thats better than I can do forwards. How about Blindfolded? Add a no look fish hook up and you got yourself a real trick video.


Nice cast!!