Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a dedication and celebration of the lives of our servicemen that have died in the line of duty defending our great country. To many this is just an extended weekend to celebrate the coming of summer and the end of spring, while others see it as a day to reflect upon friends and family members who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that not only they but their country could be free. Though the battles fought today and the reasons why our countrymen are dying are confusing, they are still fighting to preserve this great nation from tyranny and oppression.

Though my weekend was spent with friends and family, I cannot help but think about how my family members have served this great country. My grandfather Corporal Joseph Paul Davidchik served in the Pacific in the United States Marines and though survived several island hopping campaigns, carried the scars and wounds throughout his life. While serving as a Police Captain he was killed in the line of duty while trying to prevent a Vietnam Veteran from committing suicide on Christmas Eve 1968. Not long after his son, my father was in Vietnam.

The sacrifices my family went through are no different from that of many families here in the United States. And now in this me me world, people forget there are soldiers on the other side of this planet fighting and dying for them. This is our time to remember to say thank you and let veterans of all campaigns know what their service and sacrifice means something to you and your family and that the deaths of their brethren made by too many will not be forgotten.

Thank you for helping this country stay free.

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