Monday, November 16, 2009

Clearwater Report

Report from Mr Matney on the Mainstem Clearwater. Two swung fish between two boats and six people over three days. Slow fishing, but good for cold low water and a 17 pound B-Run is not something to scoff at. Congrats on the tomato Rick Matney!

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Andy Simon said...

I have to claify this report for safety's sake:

1. 8 people in one hotel room only works if everyone is shitfaced.

2. Its never a good sign when you can see the bottom of every hole you fish, throughout the entire thing.

3. One of those fish landed was pulled from the depths via split shot anda' ballon.

3.5. The girls in Kooskia like to party.

4. Rick caught a fish swinging after the hole had been stale for several days. Not to mention getting pounded by bait repeatedly.

5. The capture of said fish (17lb fat hog) was facilitated by the purest of all techniques.

6.Don't let girls drive over lolo pass when its icy, which is always.

7. It is possible to break a 7130tr 2 inches above the cork by hitting the drift boat right on the chine with a large rock. Sheer impact. Somehow the boat was fine. I should be less fucked up while rowing in general.