Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Loop Armies Secret

Would you fish with this guy?

Well Brother Jay Johnson, aka Boogie, Jay the Pirate, Breakfast Cook and one of the founding members of the Early Morning Freestone Pimps was stolen last summer by Joe Roope of the Loop Army. This backwoods adobo eating Filipino has been seen scavenging the river in search of steelhead. Apparently Jay just did not get enough fishing for them last year with the AEG crew and now is found on Eastern Washington and Idaho rivers like the Methow, Clearwater and Grande Ronde. I guess the rainbows of the Upper Columbia have something against him also. Poor bastards didn't know a Filipino was after them.

Photo: Jeff Wilson

Guiding out of the Loop Army Base, Castaway Fly Shop in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Jay has been covering a lot of ground. If you guys are in search for the mythical steelhead on a dry, and like to shotgun beers, you found your guy. Check it out!


Just call me Gamby said...

He doesnt exist.... He is a figment of imagination. Nobody can be that cool....

Except for the other pimps.

Makes me want to be Filipino.

Millsy said...

I like to shotgun beers