Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gansta Rap Mad Me Do It

April has been a great month. The seasons finally changed and I was able to do a little fishing and yard work that I have putting off for a while. Steelheading in April to me is always a crapshoot and we do not have the great runs of Spring fish that Bill McMillian once wrote about. I would rather spend the time fishing for a few other species that I only try and tackle this time of year. While I would rather go to Mexico and risk getting the Swing Flu, I ended up risking amebic dysentery and my waders rotting off chasing some carp as well as fishing some of the most beautiful water in Oregon for bull trout. These two species are badass and I always look forward to this downtime to go in search of them. I can't explain it, I think that music I grew up listening to made me do it. After all my folks told me that gangsa rap would rot my brain. Gangsta rap made me do it!

Courtesy of You Tube and the Prophet Doughboy, aka Ice Cube.

Brad Smith with a secret Southwest Washington backwater carp. Right behind Tim Rajeff's house.

Matt Klara from Sexyloops with an Oregon carp.

Oregon stillwater bull trout.