Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Best Fly Reels EVER!

Photo: Brian Chou

Are drags really necessary for steelhead? This is one of the many questions that steelheaders argue about from time to time. In all honesty for the most part I doubt it, click pawl reels and some good palming have worked for decades. On the other hand checking out beautiful reels and fly rods are something all fly fishers do from time to time and many collect and fish them regularly. I have had the privilege to fish from time to time one of the best functional and constructed reels ever made. Charlton Signature Fly Reels are bar none the best fly reel ever created. You cannot beat the type III anodization, carbon sealed drag and precision aerospace machining. They are truly the Lamborghini of fly reels. Check out a recent interview of Jack Charlton brought to you by Fly Reels R Us and his new Mako Series Reels.

Fishing a Charlton Singature 8550 C Tarpon reel.



Great photo! Mike

I totally agree with you about the drag. Everytime I saw the Lee Wulff video series, I was amazed how well (and elegant) he played the salmon with simple reels. Well... but sometime we need excuse to get a new one... aren't we?! : )

G_Smolt said...

If y'all think you don't need drags, you have never fished where a hot fish can make it the 2-300 yards back to the ocean. If you ever do, you'll be pickin' blisters on your "palming hand" for weeks.

Click and pawl are fine for most inland apps, but whn the fish are in on the high tide, there better be a drag.

Steelie Mike said...

I will take that challenge Mark :)! I like the feel of saltwater and blisters.


Mike, looking forward to see the smoking reel : )

G_Smolt, I agree.
Saltwater are different game. I did not fish for saltwater species, but had several encounters with stripers.